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    Shandong Shining Pharm successfully passed the audit of pharmaceutical companies.

    Time: [2018-08-06]

    Since July, Shandong Shining Pharm have continuously accepted the 7 audit and won the unanimous praise from the pharmaceutical companies at home and abroad. At the same time, we also thank the pharmaceutical companies for their valuable suggestions and hope that we will rise to a high level under their guidance and guidance.

    Our company currently has two main businesses: the development of generic drug intermediates and the CDMO of new drug intermediates.

    At present, 17 generics drug are developed and completed. There are nearly 100 commercialized intermediates, including afitinib, Nintedanib, Tedizolid, Lenvatinib, AZD9291, Vonoprazan fumarate, Lesinurad, Rucaparib, Trifluridine and so on, with more than 60% in the domestic market. At present, there are 6 projects in the research of generic drugs.
    We have completed 21 projects of the 1.1 new drug intermediates in China, of which 4 drugs have entered the 2 stage of clinical practice and 2 have entered the three clinical stage.

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