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  • Hello, welcome to Shandong Shining Pharm Co.,Ltd.!  中文版English
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    Management team

    Dong Yan: Chairman of the Board

    Background: from Shandong University;originally served in a big Pharmaceutical company. as responsible person of process optimization and production department; a number of projects have entered the clinical research. Is now mainly responsible for the sales, technology and market combination of overall operation of company and pharmaceutical intermediates products, and then provide customers with better service.

    Luo Haoxian: CTO

    Background: from Hong Kong region of China, doctoral student of Hong Kong Chinese University, postdoctoral researcher of the United States Ohio State University, the chief scientist of United States Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceutical Company, is mainly responsible for the project approval and development of new products; is the source of sustainable development!

    Sun Liang: Director of R&D Department

    Background: doctoral degree of Nanjing University, eight years of experience for the research and development of new products & technology in pharmaceutical industry; high innovation ability, tackling ability and capacity of obtaining and dealing with professional information.

    Zhang Lidong: Director of Production Department

    Background: senior engineer, rich experience in the production of large pharmaceutical companies, have a good ability to solve the production schedule and production process monitoring, as well as the problems from production; responsible for the management of company's production, technology, equipment, electrical and mechanical, operation, production statistics, on-site management, safe production.

    Lin Chungang: QA manager

    Background: more than 10 years experience in quality management of pharmaceutical companies, familiar with national and local quality policies and regulations (FDA, EMEA, TGA, ICH, GMP, drug monitoring, drug testing, etc.), familiar with company's quality procedures / SOP / quality standards, National Pharmacopoeia's Criteria such as Chinese Pharmacopoeia, USP, EP, JP.